Behavioral Profiling

How You Can Win

The Advantage

Behavioral Profiling clearly explains who’s gettable out in the marketplace, and how to get them.

  • Who’s driving the brand or category?
  • WHY are they attached to the brand or category?
  • What’s the momentum of their consumption (to drive buy rate)?
  • Who else is of the same mindset (to drive penetration)?

How It Works

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We deliver data-driven guidance to target the right consumers, and activate when, where, and how it will compel them to act. This starts by measuring 124 motivational measures at a quantitative scale to profile the marketplace based on the true factors behind consumer decision-making.

This measure provides an objective view of the marketplace, based on the durable drivers and barriers of consumer behavior to tell you:

  • How many mindsets actually exist out in the real-world.
  • Who you’re getting, who you can get, and who’s not worth chasing.
  • The WHY behind their decision-making, along with relevant demographics to find them out in the wild.

No. And yes. On one hand, we ARE profiling your ideal consumers, and guiding how to drive purchase. However, this is far from a traditional segmentation – often associated with long timelines, vague guidance, and poor actionability.

So, if you DON’T have an existing segmentation, no problem. Our profiling will give you everything you need to target your ideal consumers, and drive purchase behavior.

If you DO have an existing segmentation, also no problem. We realize no one needs yet another segmentation construct to try to wrangle. Our profiling will complement your existing segments – not replace them – to enable clear actionability to drive real-life behavior. We can integrate your existing segmentation with our data, if desired, through either incorporation of your typing tool into our measure, or simply incorporating proxy questions (which is usually sufficient to lash-up with your existing segmentation).

We’re able to measure deep psychological factors at a quantitative scale, thanks to our proprietary measure. We also leverage our database to amplify data learnings based on established norms.

This empowers us to get a deep diagnostic of the WHY’s behind consumer behavior – better than traditional qual. It also means we can measure these factors at scale. So, we typically use gen-pop samples in the 750 – 2,000+ respondents range. We carefully control for representative consumer samples, so we do not maintain a static panel. Our neuroscience team is borderline maniacal on our quality assurance, and our measure incorporates a number of sophisticated QA measures.

Yes. We’re uncovering human truths, so our data works across borders. Our core measures are programmed in virtually every language, and we regularly conduct this measure in dozens of countries.

An example of the biz-building power:

Our ability to deeply diagnose the WHY’s of marketplace behavior, at a quantitative level, means our activation is more effective.

This neuroscience-based approach to consumer profiling is proven to drive business results. We continually discover new truths out in the world – like the time we discovered the TRUE reason people choose one brand of snacks, soda, and beer over another for their Summer Parties. Our data contradicted decades of traditional research – and our client’s portfolio went from 0.5% growth with the old insights, to +10% growth the first quarter after activating on our fresh perspective.

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