How We Do It

We continually measure – and predict – what’s driving consumer & shopper behavior.

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Via our Psych-Pulse insert, we add key measures around YOUR category / brand to unleash this wealth of knowledge to grow YOUR business.

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Once we've nailed down what makes your marketplace tick, our expertise in heuristics and unique omni-channel measures complete the story.

Our proprietary Heuristics Field Guide arms the Alpha-Diver team with a wealth of how-to in positioning and activating for success in the hearts and minds of consumers based on the mental shortcuts they use to make decisions.

This resource provides ALL the insight on heuristics, perception, attribution – basically everything one needs to bring a brand to life in the way that hits the cognitive bull’s-eye with its audience.​

Each study yields a detailed activational playbook, including:

Amazing BeSci capabilities that I have used a ton over the years… my secret weapon, the “Customer Whisperer.” The insights A-D brings are SO interesting and different than any traditional supplier the retailers GOBBLE it up. WMT loves it, Target LOVES it, Costco – LOVE. Any team that has an appetite for cutting edge research will love the work they do.
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