How We Do It

We continually measure – and predict – what’s driving consumer & shopper behavior.

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Via our Psych-Pulse insert, we add key measures around YOUR category / brand to unleash this wealth of knowledge to grow YOUR business.

Find out how to participate in an upcoming Psych-Pulse:

This quick video will explain the underlying science...

Consumer & shopper decision-making can be murky. We have the decoder ring.

Our proprietary Decision Triggers Playbook arms the Alpha-Diver team with a wealth of how-to in positioning, innovating, and activating for success to drive real-world behaviors.

The core of our expertise is deep knowledge in the fields of heuristics and JDM (Judgment & Decision Making) psychology.

This resource provides everything needed when it comes to ‘the HOW’…

Media and B2B Quantitative Research For Marketing
channel and Heuristics Research
Amazing BeSci capabilities that I have used a ton over the years… my secret weapon, the “Customer Whisperer.” The insights A-D brings are SO interesting and different than any traditional supplier the retailers GOBBLE it up. WMT loves it, Target LOVES it, Costco – LOVE. Any team that has an appetite for cutting edge research will love the work they do.
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