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A neuroscientist, former national security analyst, and recovering ethnographer walk into a bar…

Our leadership team is 'cognitively optimized.'

There IS a secret to a truly optimal team – to provide truly complete understanding for your business. It involves not just uniquely-smart people, but a complementary team that spans the continuum from a deductive, analytical thinking style, to the inductive, exploratory orientation (the science term is ‘neural diversity’ which is assessed via our own neuropsych thinking style assessment completed by each Alpha-Diver team member – profiles depicted below each bio). We’ve applied this secret to build an optimal set of perspectives across our team.

Mary Main
Mary Mathes, MA
Director of Data Insights
Mary edited
Julie Maines
Julie Maines, MM MS
Director of Data Empathy
Julie edited
Sigi Main
T. Sigi Hale, PhD
Principal Neuroscientist //
Director of Research
Sigi edited
Bethany Merillat, MS, MEd
Research Operations Manager​
Bethany edited
Bill Godsil, PhD
Neuro & Data Scientist
Bill edited edited
RS headshot
Rosie Samide, PhD
Research Systems Analyst //
Data Visualization
Rosie brain score edited
AD Web Photo
Oliver Hellewell, MBA
Performance Marketing Manager
Oliver brain
Hunter Main
Hunter Thurman
Hunter edited

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