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What acquisitions are most additive to the portfolio, and poised for growth?

  • Portfolio / category white-space assessment
  • M&A planning
  • Acquisition target assessment

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"This was our first foray into a neuro-approach. I was so impressed with the ease with which we were able to walk senior leaders through it... You not only delivered the project; you changed the direction - and not in 2 years like it normally would take, but rather 2 quarters."
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In short, we create data-backed maps of the marketplace that clearly visualize where your portfolio, and competitors, currently cluster in consumers’ minds – and where the proverbial white space exists relative to YOUR business. Once we’ve identified the strategic territories ripe for expansion, we provide the tangible criteria with which to seek and evaluate acquisition targets.

Will an up-and-coming brand continue to ascend once it’s in your stable? Or fizzle? Of course, your organization and the integration process have a lot to do with this, but there are some leading indicators that can separate the wheat from the chaff, as well.

We statistically measure three simple, but unique factors of consumer perception to prioritize even seemingly similar brands in consumers’ hearts and minds:

  1. Attachment – for current users, how hard would the brand be to give up? Is their usage fleeting, or established?
  2. Routinization – is the brand a sometimes-impulse, or part of everyday life?
  3. Momentum – do they want to be consuming more, or less, of the brand? What’s the trajectory of usage?

Of course, we measure these in some unique ways via our proprietary study and database, but the outputs are simple and provide corporate strategy & biz dev leaders with a distinct advantage by looking into the real, foundation sentiment of the marketplace

This one gets a bit beyond a website FAQ answer, but there is a macro consumer sentiment that reveals the zeitgeist in the marketplace over time. We’ve tracked it since 2018, and seen winning categories correlate strongly with these social and cultural forces. If you’re looking for a new lens with which to evaluate and predict marketplace performance, we’d be happy to explain further…

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