Case studies growing power brands

The context:

The Tyson frozen product portfolio is broad, with many facings in grocer’s freezers; it’s a portfolio of large-market-share power brands.

The business problem:

As challenger brands arrive, retailers like Walmart frequently look to larger portfolios, replacing a facing here, and a facing there, to introduce exciting new innovations.

The Tyson portfolio needed guidance to:

  1. Establish the role of large power brands in shoppers’ minds to guide retail breakthroughs.
  2. Guide relevant innovation to ward off encroachment from smaller challengers.
The breakthrough:

We applied our quantitative, psychological measure to uncover the true role of power brands in shoppers’ minds. The resulting playbook creates the crucial case for not only maintaining the portfolio’s footprint, but also growing both the brand and retailer businesses through tangible innovation and activation pathways.