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The context:

EatSmart was among the very first brands in the natural snacking space. As the category grew, a torrent of competitors arrived.

The business problem:

In the early years for the brand, simply being ‘natural’ was enough to drive sustained growth. However, as the category matured, ‘natural’ was no longer a point of difference, and the brand was declining year-over-year.

As the brand faced extinction via imminent de-listing, the team asked us to take a last shot at creating newfound relevance.

The breakthrough:

By profiling the true ‘WHY’ behind snack consumption, we guided a new strategy, centered around the true motivations of consumer behavior (and contrary to what consumers in traditional research reported) dubbed “the bold flavors of nature.”

Our heuristics expertise guided a dramatic re-design of everything from the logo, to the pack, to digital activation.​

In year-1 after re-launch, the brand went from decline to +16% sales growth.