Case studies winning with summer events

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QOQ sales growth
The context:
A huge quantity of snacks, soda, and beer is consumed within summer parties, encompassing both ‘tent pole’ events (e.g., Memorial Day and July 4th), and informal backyard gatherings. Winning in summer is crucial to a brand’s annual success.
The business problem:

Traditional research pointed to a consistent insight as to what drove shopper choice, and every brand had very similar activation as a result.

But it wasn’t working.

The categories were flat over this period, with no brand pulling ahead. Retailers (e.g. Walmart) were impatient for new-news, as competitors like pizza chains were continually eating into retail volumes over this crucial period.

The breakthrough:

Our psych profiling revealed a deeper motivation as to what truly drives brand choice around Summer shopping. We briefed the team and agency, which created a very different activation plan than years past – circulating around a unique digital program.

Out in the real world, application of our deeper consumer understanding unlocked incredible growth of +10% vs. the previous summer period.