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Getting ‘neurosciencey’: Dr. Sigi Hale on Thriveplan’s secret sauce

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Here at Thriveplan, we talk a lot about how we bring neuroscience research from academia to bear on all of our projects. Finally – hear for yourself from our main ‘recovering academic’ about how that neuroscience magic happens!

Our Principal Neuroscientist and Director of Research, Sigi Hale, PhD, recently spoke with Priscilla McKinney on her marketing-centric podcast Ponderings from the Perch. Alongside the more ‘serious’ discussion about bringing the world of academia into business to really apply the science, Priscilla unravels the mystery of the wearing of the white lab coat. 🙂

A quick snippet if we may…
“We’re really focused on looking at the sort of underlying mechanisms that help us to understand how and why we come to form our thoughts and our preferences… And when you get down to the mechanisms, there’s a wonderful thing about nature and those mechanisms: the things that underlie HOW we get to our thoughts are relatively simple.”

Of course, Sigi is referencing The 9 WHY’s – the core framework which underlies all our research and identifies the Motives that drive behavior, and the Costs that hinder it. And most importantly, the heuristics of activation that bring people to brands.