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Market Research That Informs Marketing Claims

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Understanding the difference between what a company says and what it actually does in its marketing claims is crucial for consumers when making purchasing decisions. At Alpha-Diver, we understand the importance of using science-based marketing strategies to compel consumers to act. We leverage deep psychological insights at a quantitative scale to find out what makes your consumers tick and the most effective ways to position and activate your brand for success.

Understand the Say vs Do

Technology has become an essential part of daily life now, with companies pushing new boundaries and introducing new ways to forever alter the way we live, interact and work. With the sheer volume and breadth of new products and services we confront and encounter every day, it’s never been more difficult to differentiate actual innovation from marketing hype. As technology claims get bolder, it’s more important than ever to understand the difference between Say vs. Do and to bridge the gap between the two. This is where meaningful and scientific market research and brand research becomes invaluable.

Companies are all searching for an enticing hook and differentiator for their products or services to convince consumers that theirs is superior to others. Claims like these range from simple statements about performance and upgrades to larger promises of breakthroughs and revolutionary changes. As companies jostle for attention in a crowded market, a more significant gap emerges between what companies say they will do and what they actually do. Understanding consumer behaviors and competitors claims are essential components for any successful brand in a crowded marketplace.

Say: The Power of Marketing Language

Market research that allows companies to understand the power of the marketing language that they are using is crucial when promoting their technology and products effectively in their desired markets. Companies need to ensure that they have reliable data and evidence to back up their claims. Alpha-Diver’s proprietary approach to market research can help you leverage the claims your consumers care most about. We can leverage measures that reveal why these claims perform for your brand, but also strategic ways to improve. By using different types of claims appropriately, such as performance, functionality, innovation, and safety, brands can create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience and drive sales.

What is Marketing Language?

Marketing language can significantly impact how consumers perceive your brand and products. Leveraging different types of claims can set your product apart from others, make it easier for consumers to understand core features and changes, and generate excitement about the purchasing decision. There are many different categories through which to leverage marketing language in, including performance, functionality, innovation, safety, and compatibility, among others. It’s essential to have reliable data and evidence to support marketing claims, as customers are becoming increasingly skeptical of unsubstantiated claims. Through proven market research tactics, Alpha-Diver helps you understand the psychological factors that are driving consumption patterns and determine which claims resonate most with your consumers.

One of the most common types of marketing language used in technology claims is performance claims. Performance claims often focus on speed, efficiency, and power. Companies that make performance claims need to have data to back them up, such as benchmark tests, so that consumers can see how their product compares to competitors.

Functionality claims focus on what the product does, and how it can help consumers solve their problems or meet their needs. These claims can be particularly effective when targeting a specific audience, such as small business owners or creatives. Innovation claims are also common in technology marketing, particularly in industries where innovation is a key differentiator. When making innovation claims, companies need to have a clear understanding of what innovation means to their target audience and what makes their product innovative. Safety claims are particularly important in industries such as healthcare and automotive. Companies need to be able to demonstrate that their products are safe to use and that they have taken appropriate steps to mitigate risks.

Do: Evaluating the Actual Performance of a Product

In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, consumers are more discerning than ever before and demand authenticity from the brands they choose to do business with. By prioritizing actual performance and being transparent about their products, companies can build a strong foundation of trust with their customers and establish themselves as industry leaders. With our proven expertise in heuristics and unique omni-channel measures, Alpha-Diver has the solutions you need to unleash the full potential of your target markets.

Brand Performance Research

When it comes to understanding the difference between say and do, data is essential. Consumer sentiment is one thing, but purchasing behaviors reveal so much more about consumers’ true interests and needs. Understanding the underlying motivations behind customer behavior and what factors drive them to make purchasing decisions enables us to create targeted marketing activations that engage and compel consumers.

To evaluate performance, consumers look beyond marketing claims and examine the product itself. This means conducting thorough research and reading reviews from other customers who have used the product. The product’s actual performance is a crucial factor in determining whether the company’s claims are truthful or misleading. Companies that prioritize the actual performance of their products and provide reliable evidence to support their claims can establish themselves as trustworthy and reputable brands in the eyes of consumers. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

On the other hand, companies that make unsubstantiated claims and fail to deliver on their promises risk losing customer trust and damaging their brand reputation. Unsubstantiated claims can hinder brands’ perception in the market – if the brand or product carries a fear of disappointment, the buying choice is impacted. Alpha-Diver’s behavioral science capabilities enable us to position your brand in the hearts and minds of consumers based on the shortcuts they use to make decisions.

Beyond evaluating performance, consumers also consider many other factors when making purchasing decisions. For example, the company’s reputation, customer service, and environmental impact can all play a role in a customer’s decision-making process. Companies that prioritize these areas in addition to the quality and effectiveness of their products are more likely to build a loyal customer base and establish themselves as industry leaders. With Alpha-Diver’s behavioral profiling, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact psychological dimensions that motivate your consumers to act and appeal to the factors they value most.

Alpha-Diver’s Approach to Technology Claims

At Alpha-Diver, we provide actionable guidance by focusing on evidence-based positioning and consumer profiles. Rather than relying solely on claims, we use rigorous scientific methodologies to deliver actionable insights on what will activate your target audience most effectively. We examine psychological metrics and indicators to ensure that the solutions we recommend are not only innovative but also practical and effective. By taking a data-driven approach, we provide objective and unbiased assessments of consumers’ views to help you make informed decisions about reaching the consumer groups they want to target. Contact us today and see how we can help you win!


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