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The Science of Snacking: A Deep Dive into Gen Z’s Choices

Published by The Customer 2

Imagine cracking open the secret behind Gen Z’s snacking habits. That’s exactly what we’re doing today with Mary Mathes from Alpha Diver. She’s here to illuminate us on the four key decision-making factors behind Gen Z’s snack choices – function, experience, conformity, and impulse. She elaborates on how these lenses not just mold Gen Z’s snacking behavior but also have extensive implications outside of the consumer packaged goods sector. We delve into the fascinating science behind these choices and derive insights on how brands can enhance their engagement strategies with customers.

Ever wondered how the General Population compares to Gen Z when it comes to snacking preferences? We’ve got that covered too. We survey the landscape of 12 snack categories and 50 brands to understand the differing palates. A surprising revelation is the gravitational pull of both cohorts towards snacks requiring more effort to chew. As we unpack this, we also explore the physiological calming benefit associated with the act of chewing. Uncover if Gen Z is more prone to impulse purchases than other generations and how brands can leverage this. The conversation doesn’t stop there. We take a deep dive into the role context plays in our snacking decisions, particularly in scenarios like an airport store. Get ready to absorb, engage and snack on this unique learning experience!

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