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Podcast: Unpacking How and Why Gen Z Snacks

Published by The Food Institute 2

Everyone in the food industry wants to crack the code on Gen Z, but what are the reasons behind the generation’s food purchases? Alpha-Diver president Hunter Thurman joined The Food Institute Podcast to discuss some surprising findings from the Gen Z edition of the Snack 50 report and some of the psychological components that pushes Gen Z towards certain products and brands.

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More About Alpha-Diver:
Alpha-Diver is the market research firm that applies neuroscience to more deeply understand marketplace behavior. The firm’s neuroscientists and strategists work with leading brands, retailers and the Wall Street analyst community to explain, measure, and predict consumer behavior. Clients include: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Kellanova, among dozens more. To learn more, visit:

More About Hunter Thurman:
In 2011, Hunter Thurman started Alpha-Diver with the vision of applying behavioral science to more deeply understand marketplace behavior. He gathered leading minds in the worlds of neuroscience & psychology, and quickly discovered the wealth of insight that was sitting untapped within academia. He and his team built the framework of durable, predictable human truths – specifically, the 4 drivers, and 5 barriers that underlie behavior. The A-D team works with the world’s leading brands, and the Wall Street analyst community, to continually explain, measure, and predict consumer behavior.

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